SlySoft, Inc. (Shareware)

AnyDVD is DVD decryption software that was initially released in 2003. The application decrypts DVDs so that you have total control of the settings. You can disable features like subtitles and delays when watching DVD movies on your computer. It automatically works in the background as soon as you insert a DVD into the drive. Other features of the application include removal of region codes from DVDs, prevents the launch of unwanted media players when a DVD is inserted into the drive, and adjustment of the monitor’s refresh rate. With AnyDVD, you can watch DVDs that are marketed for another country. This decryption software is also compatible with Blu-ray discs. It allows skipping of advertisements, trailers, parental restrictions, and other limitations that prevent you from watching your favorite movies.

Apart from the mentioned features, the application also allows you to set the speed of your DVD drive. Setting the speed allows total control of the level of noise that is produced when watching movies on your computer.

AnyDVD supports PAL and NTSC DVDs and is compatible with all forms of DVD media. The program works unnoticeably and does not add data to the computer’s hard drive. It also performs automatic updates on the system.