Any to Icon 3.51


Any to Icon is an application used to convert multiple formats into icons for Windows. Supported formats include JPEG, PNG, SCR, EMF, WMF, DLL, XPM, NIL, XPM, CUR, TIFF, WBMP, PSD, ICO, GIF, and BMP, among others. Folders and files from file shells and Windows Explorer can be added using a drag and drop feature. Icon libraries can also be completely broken down into separate individual icons.

The program was designed to be a wizard, so users are guided through each of the program’s process steps. A number of preset icons are found in the program’s configuration screen. The latter’s custom field allows a user to specify an icon’s height and width. Icons may be extracted from libraries or folders. Icons can be customized through modification of their sizes, resolutions, and colors. Users are asked to add multiple files or a single one to the process list queue. Batch conversion is also provided, such that a number of images can be converted to icons simultaneously. Other customizations that can be done include image shrinking or zooming, smoothing of resamples, and constraining proportions. A vast collection of colors (such as True Color) and color depths are provided. Transparency which is essential in creating professional looking icons is also supported by the program. The program makes use of a small amount of a computer’s resources.