Any Media to MP3 Converter 4.1

ShuangSoft (Shareware)

Any Media to MP3 Converter is a software application that enables users to convert audio files into OGG, WMA, or MP3 formats. Developed by the company, ShuangSoft, it supports a broad selection of audio file formats including ASF, AVI, CD, DVD, VCD, MPEG, RM, WAV, MOV, WMA, WMV, RMVB, and other well-known media files. Through this program, users can rip music from CDs, DVDs, and VCDs without compromising the audio’s original quality. Users can also utilize the program’s built-in audio editor, which allows them to adjust certain parameters of the output. These settings include volume, fading, and splitting.

The simple and intuitive graphical user interface allows the user to focus on the conversion process. To import audio tracks into the list, the user must open a file browser and select files one by one or in batches. Then, the output destination folder must also be specified as well as the desired format. The user can also configure the settings for the audio attributes, bit rate, channels, and quality. Once these factors are established, the encoding process can commence. At the top of the program window, the user will find main menu functions such as Open, Close, Options, Convert, Tools, Register, and others.