Any Drive formatter

SAT-NET (Freeware)

Any Drive formatter is a system drive utility developed by SAT-NET and released on June 2011. This program detects all the portable drives attached to the system. It also enables users to format all detected portable drives. This is especially useful when Windows Format utility cannot format a specific portable drive. Any Drive formatter can also repair corrupted or faulty portable drives through its Format function.

Any Drive formatter features a very straightforward and simple graphical user interface. It features a grey box with the program name and logo at the top of the window.  An input box at the middle enables users to customize or assign a name to the portable drive to be formatted. Users can select the portable drive to be formatted through a drop down selector under the Select Drive Format. Drives are designated by their Drive letter. There are two format modes—full format and quick format. Quick format is suitable for simple formatting needs like erasing all the files inside the drive. Full format mode is useful in cases of corrupted or faulty drives. To select the Quick format mode, users can tick the box corresponding to it. The bottom portion features three buttons—Format, Close, and Exit. Close minimizes the window. Format initiates the format process. The Formatting status is shown by the status bar at the bottom of the window.