AnVir Task Manager

Ilya Kheyfets (Shareware)

AnVir Task Manager is a system management utility. It has security features that enable users to view an analysis of all the running programs and services on the computer. The program’s database has over 70,000 descriptions for startup programs, extensions, and services. It also monitors computer activities and checks for viruses. AnVir Task Manager can also improve the computer’s performance. Users have options for optimizing memory usage, suspending processes, and limit the CPU usage of the processes that are heavy on the CPU.

Advanced computer users can make use of the Tweaker feature to have access to Windows settings, including those that are not visible in Windows. These can be accessed without directly making changes to the Window’s registry. The software keeps a process log that contains processes created, processes terminated, and Windows created processes. Other information can be viewed as well, such as the date and time of the event and descriptions.

Other features of the program include the following:
Save changed priority for processes
Permanent blocking of undesired processes
Startup manager
Graphs of processor, memory, and disk activity
Can replace the Windows Task Manager

The AnVir Task Manager can run together with other anti-virus programs that are installed in the computer. It is also available as a portable version.