Antirun 2.4 (Shareware)

Antirun is an autorun virus protection application developed by It is available in two editions – Pro and Free. The Free edition provides basic features while the Pro version offers added functions such as protection for USB pen drive, protection for external hard drive, and ability to reconnect devices. The program is designed to prevent threats coming from removal media from accessing the computer and external devices. The program works by detecting an autorun virus automatically. If it finds one, it alerts the user. The user can then remove the detected virus via the delete button.

Antirun’s dialogue box displays all the connected external devices in tabs. Users can remove any of the connected device straight from the dialogue box. The interface also displays used and free disk space at the bottom. The program also features copying functions. It enables users to copy any file from the local hard drive to the external device through drag-and-drop support.

Antirun offers the following functions/features:

• Automatic Scanning – Whenever the user inserts an external device to the computer, the program automatically scans it. If any threat is detected, it also automatically informs the user.
• Tray Icon Support – The program sits on the system tray. The icon tray menu provides different functions on how to run the program. For instance, users can click on the icon to open the menu for removing a device, while double-clicking on it shows the main dialogue box of Antirun.
• Dialogue Management – Antirun also offers dialogue management features for easier usage. Double-clicking on the dialogue box opens a disk while right clicking on it hides the program to the system tray.