AntiCrash 3.6.1

Dachshund Software (Shareware)

AntiCrash is used for fixing computer errors, frozen programs, and blue screens. It is capable of fixing damaged files, too. The program has an AutoRepair feature that gets rid of all the computer problems in just one click. It uses an advanced artificial intelligence system for determining the errors the cause problems in the system. One of the other features of the application is BootSafe. BootSafe is a tool used to prevent boots when using the Yahoo Messenger chat client. The tool blocks the boot attempts and it can be used to block specific Yahoo Messenger IDs.

AntiCrash is capable of saving files if ever the system crashes. When it does, the program automatically saves a backup copy of the files to prevent users from losing them. The Lifebelt tool allows users to retrieve important files when the system has recovered. The program is considered Smart Software. It reminds users to run scans and repairs. It also provides the program’s status.

The program’s main interface is divided into five sections – Main, Settings, Repair, Recover, and Other. On the main window, users can view the status and the shortcuts for the different functions of the program. AntiCrash also has an AutoRepair wizard that shows the steps in fixing computer problems.