AntiBrowserSpy 4.0

AbelsSoft (Shareware)

AntiBrowserSpy is a program that keeps the user’s online activities private. The program has an intuitive interface that novice computer users will be able to use. The main window of the application displays the status summary of the computer. A list of all the web browsers installed in the computer is also displayed. There are five tabs at the top portion of the window – Start, Anti Spy, Stealth Browser, Cleanup, Backup, and Schedule Tasks. Under the Anti Spy tab, users can see all the browser options and set the web browser security. Some of the options include anti-phishing filter, remember passwords, auto-complete forms, browser ID transfer, and others. The application can also perform a full cleanup of the system to keep the computer secure.

Aside from cleaning the online activity traces, AntiBrowserSpy also allows users to create a backup of the web browser’s settings. All the bookmarks, favorites, and log-in information can be stored in a secure location. This feature is useful if the user has a new computer.

Other features of the application are:
• Supports popular web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc)
• Support of automation of major functions
• One-click protection
• Easy to use interface