ColorSoft (Shareware)

AntiARP is developed primarily to intercept and protect systems from security attacks known as ARP poisoning. ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) spoofing or poisoning is a very common form of security attack. In order to protect systems from malicious agents that seek to infiltrate this popular protocol—one of the most widely used tools for resolving the layer of the network address—the AntiARP application was developed.

This is a tool that is mostly used by network administrators. It accommodates various levels of computing skill primarily because it is easy to use. The user-interface is self-explanatory. Novice administrators will have no trouble maximizing the features of this application.

AntiARP is designed to prevent DOS attack and intercept IP conflicts. Aside from the active defense systems it supports, prevention of damage is also in effect with the protection of the ARP cache table, tracing mechanisms in place, and the institution of an ARP virus cleaner. An incoming ARP packet analysis feature is included as well. Anti-ARP is also equipped with tools for cleaning infected systems or networks with ARP viruses.

To summarize, this program is intended primarily to detect, block, and intercept attacks which are ARP-based. It performs multiple functions and is equally effective in preventing and managing ARP-based issues.