Anti-Twin 1.8d

Jorg Rosenthal (Freeware)

Anti-Twin is a file management program developed by Jorg Rosenthal. Its main purpose is to compare files on a hard drive and find duplicated or similar files. The program can perform different functions. But, its primary function is to examine folders either located locally or in a network. It can also examine sub-folders. A second folder can also be added in the search process. However, adding a second folder is an optional feature.

The application is also used for comparing files. It features two comparison methods – File Name Comparison and Content Comparison. File Name Comparison only compares the names of the files within the selected folder. This means it disregards the content of the file as long as the file name is the same. This comparison method can be combined with the other method (Content Comparison). The Content Comparison method is the program’s recommended method of comparison. It will search for similar or duplicated files based on the file content.

Anti-Twin is not only created for finding exact duplicate files. It can also be used to find similar files. This is done by reducing the desired minimum match from 100% to 60%. This functionality is used for finding “almost” identical files where minimum details was changed. This function is automatically enabled every time the default value match id set below 100%. Filtering search options is also possible. It offers different filtering configurations including minimum file size, maximum file size and file extensions with pixel-based photo comparison sub-option. After performing a search, the program will display the result list with several options. Duplicated or similar files can be selected to be deleted, moved, restored or exported to excel.