Anti-Blaxx 1.1.8

MB-Soft, HAANDI (Freeware)

Anti-Blaxx is a system utility which allows users to by-pass blacklistings made by protection software such as SafeDisc, SecuROM, JoWood X-Protect, and Protect CD. SafeDisc is a Windows copy protection program which prevents unauthorized duplication of game discs. SecuROM, JoWood X-Protect, and Protect CD also prevents illegal copying of game discs by home devices, professional duplicators, and reverse engineering software.

Blacklisting is a control mechanism in computing wherein access is given to all users, applications, email addresses, links, or any software except for an explicit list of them.  For instance, in a school network, the administrator can choose to blacklist adult content websites to prevent students from accessing those sites in the school vicinity.  Most search engines will have a list of blacklisted websites which are known to run malicious software. Alcohol 120, Clone CD, Blindwrite, and Daemon Tools are some of the software which are always on the blacklist due to their capability to copy discs which supports piracy. Anti-Blaxx’s system utility is geared towards gamers as the copy protection programs needs to be uninstalled prior to the game. The utility simply makes the uninstalling process easier by doing it simultaneously for all the copy protection programs it covers.