Ant War

Anarchy Enterprises (Proprietary)

As children, many people are familiar with the fascinating world of ants and some might even have had ant farms. For those who were not allowed to have ant farms, or were scared of what might happen if the ants got loose, Anarchy Enterprises has created a wonderful alternative. Enter Ant War, a game that is centered on one thing: starting, building, and nurturing a thriving ant colony amidst all the odds. Ant War is a real-time simulation and strategy game that centers on the daily lives and tasks of an ant colony.

In Ant War, players are given control of a budding ant colony. To survive, the player must help his or her ants overcome a series of challenges. By making key strategic decisions, the player helps his or her colony survive attacks from other creatures of the insect world such as crickets, grasshoppers, and spiders. The player needs to do all these all the while nurturing the queen of the colony in order to get the colony to grow to the goal of one billion ants. The game was developed by Anarchy Enterprises and released in 2003. It was originally a web game that was published in 2000. There is now a new version that runs on mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, iPad, iTouch, as well as devices running the Android platform.