Ant Movie Catalog

Mickaël Vanneufville (Freeware)

Ant Movie Catalog is an application used for managing file libraries that contain movies, CDs, DVDs, and also tapes. Development for the program was started in 2000. The program is able to fetch file information from different online sources, such as Culturalia, Allocine, DVDFR, and IMDB. All information can be stored as two types of files – XML or in binary format. Aside from storing file information, the program can also be used for keeping track of items that were borrowed by friends. Users can add the name of the borrower and other useful information. Other data included for tracking of files are the video format, language, frame rate, video resolution, producer, year, and many others.

The program’s interface is simple. The left side of the window shows a tree view of all the files. Information can be edited on the main part of the window. Users can choose from dropdown lists or input the information manually.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Program is available in 30 languages
• Capable of displaying library information using graphs and charts
• Export to different formats
• Support for printing of information with the use of templates
• Support for GIF, JPEG, and PNG files