Another World

Delphine Software (Proprietary)

Another World is an action-adventure game created and developed by Delphine Software and designed by computer game designer Éric Chahi. Released in 1991, the game’s plot revolves around a character named Lester Chaykin, who is a young physicist. He conducts an experiment, which ends up horribly wrong, causing him to teleport to a dangerous alien planet. This happens as he attempts to recreate the origin of the universe using a particle accelerator. His entire adventure features a fight for survival from the humanoid aliens that have enslaved him. Some of the challenges that the player will face includes getting out of Lester’s subterranean prison by solving challenging puzzles and paying close attention to small details in the game.

Another World is a platform game that makes use of cinematic effects shown in cutscenes and real-time gameplay. The player has to control the character using the keyboard, gamepad, or joystick to make him perform various actions like running, attacking, and jumping. Initially, the character Lester is unarmed but he acquires several weapons as the game progresses. The character dies when he is struck by an animal or is exposed to an environmental hazard, but the game features checkpoints so that that the player can restart the game from the last completed level.