Anime Studio Pro 9.0

Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Shareware)

Anime Studio Pro is a 2D animation program that was first released in 2007. The program can be used by professionals as well as by novice graphic artists. The application comes with a set of tools including bone rigging, editable motion graphs, layer ordering, onionskins, and tweening. The program supports PSD files. This allows users to import existing Photoshop projects to the application. Other main features of the Anime Studio Pro software include the following:

• Character Wizard – The program comes with hundreds of new characters that users can choose from. Aside from the preset characters, there are also built-in features, such as mouths, heads, hands, feet, noses, eyes, and many more.
• Automatic Image Tracing – One of the main features of the program is image tracing. With this tool, users can scan their drawings and import the files to Anime Studio Pro. The drawing will be transferred to the application as a vector image that users can refine using the application’s tools.
• Patch Layers – This feature is useful when working with layers. With Patch Layers, some parts of the layer can be hidden. The size for patching is fully customizable so users have total control over the final look of the image.

Anime Studio Pro can be used for creating advertisements, music videos, and animated short films.