Anime Studio Debut

Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

Anime Studio Debut is a program that enables users to create animations using vectors and 2D graphics. This application has a simple interface and may be used by both beginners and intermediate users alike. The program comes with a Character Wizard that can help users in generating custom characters and an image tracing tool that can quickly convert raster images to vectors. The created animations can be saved in a number of different video formats for easier playback using multimedia players and for sharing online.

This program helps users create animations by guiding them through the step-by-step process. There are also instructions and tooltips that help users understand the tools and other program features. Users may also add audio to their animations as well as other objects that are included in the built-in content library. The other features of Anime Studio Debut are as follows:

• Real-world physics – the program’s physics engine is able to create realistic renderings of the animated objects
• Layers – users can create different layers for each type of artwork. The layers, animated in perspective view, can also be used to group and switch assets. Layer ordering may also be animated.
• Auto lip synching – users can import dialog and other sounds and add these to a mouth movement. The application will automatically sync the mouth movement with the imported audio.

This animation program also provides users with access to masks, styles, motion graphs, and a timeline with keyframes, among other features.