Anime List Builder

IGC (Freeware)

Anime List Builder is an application for managing a person's list of multimedia files such as anime, TV, and films. It can let users add specific information to that list such as synopsis, number of episodes, and website url. Deleting episodes and series is also possible. When the list is complete, it can be exported to HTML. This allows the list to be hosted in websites. The user can continually build the list even when it is already exported. It also has statistics so that the user can view the total number and size of  finished series.

Anime List Builder's user interface lets the user add an item immediately. It is done on the "Actions" tab on the interface’s right portion or through the "Actions" tab in the menu bar. Users can add a number of information about a series through the "main information" tab. These include the file's title, the original title, genre, type, link, and quality. There is also the option to specify the language to be used for a TV series or anime. In what language the subtitles are in can also be specified. Every TV series inserted can be specified as either "seen" or "ongoing". Furthermore, comments can be added as well. The software can be updated at the computer’s startup.