Animated Screensaver Maker 3.2 (Shareware)

Animated Screensaver Maker is an application that enables users to create animated screensavers using a still image. The program comes with a set of tools that are easy to use. This makes the program ideal for beginners who have no knowledge in animation. Some of the animated effects that come with the software are fire, lighting, rain, leaves, water, and many more. In addition to these effects, users can also import gif files to the application to add more options when creating the animated screensaver.

Creating an animated screensaver with the program can be done in just a few clicks. The first step is to choose a static photo. Select a transformation effect from the tools and add animated objects to the base image. After all the animated elements have been added to the base image, users just need to click a button to create the screensaver. The program offers other settings for changing the motion, appearance, and properties of the screensaver.

Here are the other features of the Animated Screensaver Maker application:

• Wide variety of animated objects to choose from
• Create a moving screensaver in just minutes
• Support for different image file formats, such as bmp, jpeg, tga, and many more.