aniMate 2 DS3

DAZ 3D (Proprietary)

aniMate 2 DS3 is a program that uses proprietary “aniBlocks” that allow the easy creation of animated scenes while adding sophisticated features and user refinement. This program was developed mainly for fluid character movement, and is supported by animating suites such as DAZ Studio 4, in addition to DS3 or DAZ Studio 3.

The user can arrange aniBlocks, after which these are automatically chained together by animate 2 DS3 for quick animation. These units can also be trimmed, looped, and split to create fluidity in the character model’s motion. The aniBlocks can also be previewed when the mouse cursor is hovered over the character. All character tracks may also be previewed instantly. As in previous versions of the animation program, safe edits occur with the user using a number of levels with direct keyframes within an aniBlock. The Graph Edit feature may also be used to adjust and visualize aniBlock keyframes. aniBlocks also have the Subtrack feature, which allows:

• The layering of morphing expressions over character motion for realism
• Overriding of specified “bones” in the character model’s skeleton for combinations, such as having the model walking and waving simultaneously
• Changing the stance of the character with pose aniBlocks