cyberlab GmbH (Freeware)

AniMake is a freeware that can transform a set of still photographs into an animated movie. This utility has the power to turn any computer into a film studio that can create animated film in GIF format. This application is a handy tool for anyone who enjoys putting together moving pictures for uploading and sharing online. AniMake is a utility developed by cyberlab GmbH. It can be used to create animations from video or manually from individual images.

AniMake by cyberlab GmbH is a program that is also equipped with tools for image editing such that there is no need to procure another program before the images are strung together to make a short movie. What follows are some of the available editing functions:
• Changing color depth
• Calculating pixel dimensions
• Optimizing colors contained in graphs
All these functions all contribute to the production of a movie file that has no visible loss of quality despite file size optimization intended to reduce loading time. The developers of this tool want to give users a tool which ensures that the files created are space-saving and easy to upload and view online.

Aside from creating mini-movies that can be viewed on the Interent, AniMake is also capable of converting files.