Angry Birds Seasons

Rovio Mobile (Shareware)

Angry Birds Seasons is a special edition game from the Angry Birds series. The puzzle game was released in 2010. Players use a slingshot and a variety of birds to hit structures and eliminate the pigs. Players only have a certain number of birds with unique abilities on each level. All the pigs on the screen must be eliminated to get to the next level. Pigs can be eliminated by directly hitting them with the bird or by components of the structure hitting them. As the player progresses, the levels get harder to beat.

Angry Birds Seasons focuses on the different holidays throughout the year – Christmas, Moon Festival, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day, and many more. For this special game release, the pigs are dressed in different costumes, depending on the holiday. There are pigs dressed as pumpkins, bunnies, and Santa Clause. There are also three additional characters introduced in this game – the orange bird, the mighty dragon, and the pink bird.

Angry Birds Seasons is divided in two level packs. The first seven episodes were released in 2011, and six more episodes were released in 2012. There are around 15 to 30 levels on each level pack.