Angry Birds Rio

Rovio Mobile Ltd. (Shareware)

Angry Birds Rio is one of the puzzle games in the Angry Birds series. The game was released in 2011, in accordance with the promotions of the animated movie Rio. Angry Birds Rio still follows the same game mechanics as the first Angry Birds game, but a few elements were changed and added. In Angry Birds Rio, some exotic birds were taken to Rio de Janeiro. The player must rescue the birds by defeating marmosets, who took the place of pigs in earlier Angry Birds games. A slingshot is used to launch the birds on the structures and eliminate the marmosets or free the caged birds.

In some levels, players have the option to play one of the two lead characters in Rio, Jewel or Blu. One main difference of Angry Birds Rio from the original Angry Birds game is players must defeat the boss in order to finish the game. Players must also find and collect the hidden items throughout the game in order to unlock some hidden chapters.

Angry Birds Rio has 6 chapters with 15 levels each. The ‘Golden Beachball’ chapter, which has 15 levels, can be unlocked by finding the hidden item or supplying a special code.