Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment (Freeware)

Angry Birds is a puzzle/strategy video game that was initially released in 2009. In the game, a group of pigs steal the eggs of birds. In order to get back their eggs, the birds must eliminate the pigs on each level. The player controls the birds and launches them on structures and pigs using a slingshot. As the game progresses, the structures get more difficult to beat. Structures can be made out of wood, ice, and stone.

There are plenty of birds with unique abilities to use in the game. At the start, players can only use the red bird. Other birds are unlocked when the player reaches certain levels. Some of the abilities of the birds include explosion, dropping of explosive eggs, and many more. Smaller pigs are easier to beat, while larger pigs get bruised first before they are eliminated.

Here are some types of birds that can be used in the game:
Green Bird – acts like a boomerang when tapped
Yellow Bird – picks up speed when tapped
Black Bird – explodes upon impact or when tapped
White Bird – drops an egg bomb when tapped
Orange Bird – inflates when tapped

On each level, players have a limited number of birds to use. The lesser birds are used to clear the level, the more points are awarded.