Androsa FileProtector©

AndrosaSoft© (Freeware)

Androsa FileProtector is an application used for secure file encryption. It is beneficial when one shares a single computer with others, when other people share access to one’s computer, and when one sends files that are password-protected through email. Self-decrypting archives can also be created using the program.

The program’s interface is streamlined and intuitive. It can be easily understood by computer beginners and experts. File and folder import to the program queue list can be done via the folder view, the program’s file browser, and a drag and drop facility. Multiple item encryption is also provided. Queue list information includes file version, location, status, and size. Algorithm and password protection settings can also be configured by users. Available algorithms are 64-bit DES, TripleDES 192-bit, Rijndael 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit. Privacy parameters can be specified by users. They include maintaining original modification’s last date, name scrambling of protected files, and designating deletion method to be used which include rapid secure, normal, and with overwrite deletion. The program can be configured to backup data, and delete source files for finished tasks. Other program features include system startup automatic run, hiding asterisks and passwords, adjusting file size and compression level, and minimizing area of the system tray, among others. Users can always specify default settings to be used. This application is portable and may be stored on external devices such as USB flash drives. It can be saved to one’s computer which can immediately run the program’s executable file.