Android-Sync 1.101 (Shareware)

Android-Sync is an application that enables users to synchronize data from their desktop or laptop computer with an Android device. Android is an operating system based on Linux that was developed by Google Inc. for smart phones and tablet computers. Android-Sync works the same way as Active Sync does and synchronizes data, such as MS Outlook contacts, tasks, calendars, and notes securely through a USB cable connection. This application is capable of synchronizing 20 entries for each program and supports MS Outlook 2000 and its updated releases. Android-Sync also provides secure synchronization by its cable connection. This application does not use cloud servers for data hosting, and does not involve wireless transmissions that may result to data loss, interruptions, and theft from third party connections. Android-Sync supports different Android systems such as Android Éclair 2.1, Android Froyo 2.2, Android Gingerbread 2.3x, Android Honeycomb, etc.

Android-Sync features a tabbed interface that provides systematic synchronization of data. The application’s home page shows the handheld Android devices details, such as device serial number, manufacturer, device model, Android system version, ROM version, service version, and device ID. The application’s user interface also contains other tabs used to configure general settings, contacts settings, and calendar settings. Users may proceed with synchronizing data by clicking on the “Synchronize” button in the application’s main page.