AndreaMosaic 3.33

Andrea Denzler (Proprietary)

AndreaMosaic is a graphics art application developed and released by Andrea Denzler. It is designed specifically for creating photo mosaic images. The first version of the program was released in 2003. The program is available in two editions – Standard and Professional. Both editions have shared features. The only difference is that the Professional edition features more than 30,000 tiles and 200 megapixels.

The program works in four steps. The first one is to create a list of tile images to be used in the mosaic design. The second step is setting the parameters for the mosaic. The third step is to choose the main image and the last step is creating the mosaic.

During the second step, users can choose from the available features and functions offered by the program including mosaic size, mosaic resolution, tile size, tile duplication, pattern, tile variants, and more. However, users also have the option to leave the default values. The program also features several configuration options when creating a photo mosaic. These configuration options include mosaic parameters, output parameters, tiles from movies/videos, tile borders, and user interface. The program also offers advanced settings, which includes

Aside from these, AndreaMosaic offers the following features:

• Automatic cropping of photos
• On-the-fly image variants creations
• Close duplicates prevention
• Automatic color adjustments
• High-resolution mosaics