And Yet It Moves

Broken Rules (Proprietary)

And Yet It Moves is a computer game where the player has the ability to rotate the game's world. This rotation feature allows walls to become floors for the player to walk on. The floors, in turn, can also be tilted to become walls for the player to pass and slide to. The stages in the game are all based on the rotation concept of the environment.

And Yet It Moves features a game world that looks like a collection of paper meshed with each other. The player appears in the game as a paper cut-out. The stages are then explored through a series of jumps and runs from one platform to another. This is done while avoiding obstacles in the area. Most of the game's obstacles are solved by spinning the game's world. It can be rotated in full 90 and 180 degrees. The laws of physics are also employed in the game. Gravity greatly affects rotation. When a floor is tilted, it first becomes a slope before it turns to a wall. If the slope is too steep, the character may die because he may fall from a great height. There are 17 stages in the game. Additionally, various game modes can be played. Each of them has different objectives while still featuring the revolving aspect of the game's world.