Ancient Spiders Solitaire 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Ancient Spiders Solitaire is a card puzzle game. In the basic game of solitaire, players must stack card suites in order based on the given layout. In this game, there are 8 different game modes that can be played. The game comes with built-in tutorials to allow the players to learn the basics of the game. The game has an ancient theme with matching background music and game sounds. The 8 game modes are Spider, Ants, Spider One Suite, Spider Two Suits, Tarantula, Cobweb, Black Widow, and Black Spider. Players can choose the game mode of their choice from the main menu.

The game screen consists of the timer that is located on the upper portion of the window. The score field is located on the bottom left side of the window. Aside from standard scoring, players can also create combos that increase their points and give them combo multipliers to get even more points. This game is easy to play, as players just need the mouse to move cards on the game screen.

Other features of the game include the following:

• 7 different card decks to choose from
• Colorful graphics
• Has combination bars and score multipliers
• Players with different skill levels can play the game