Anagram Genius 9.2.0

Genius 2000 Software (Shareware)

Anagram Genius is an application used for automatically creating anagrams out of words. Anagrams are words formed out of the exact number of letters used for another word or name. Looking for anagrams using the program can be done in just four steps. The application’s interface consists of different sections. The first step is to input the word or phrase to turn into an anagram. There are also other options for customizing the results. Some of the settings include the gender (male, female, or inanimate) and the emphasis (flattery, mix, neutral, or satire). The application has a built-in dictionary. Users can place a check mark beside the dictionaries to use for the search results. Some of the dictionaries included are sport, business, music, medicine, computer, and others. More program settings are available under the Options window including Animation, Subword Search, Emphasis, Shortcuts, Archive, and Animation.

Other features of the program include the following:

• Users can input different words including names, phrases, and sentences
• Easy to use graphical user-interface
• Variety of results to choose from with each search done
• Users can set the search schedule (finish search within allotted time)
• Option to limit the anagrams generated by the program