AMX Mod X 1.8.2


AMX Mod X is an application that enables users to create mods for Half-Life 1. Half Life is an action first person shooter video game developed by Valve Corporation and Sierra Studios and was released on November 1998. This game features the story of a scientist involved in a secret government project gone awry. Video game mods or modifications are special data shells that add special features to a particular video game. These features may include new characters, abilities, maps, skins (character appearance), weapons, equipment, as well as whole new levels added to a video game. Mods are programmed according to the script used in developing the video game, enabling mod developers to create game elements that are compatible to the video game’s main platform. Mods are not included in the original version of the game but are created by independent developers, fans, or players. AMX Mod X provides features, such as a scripting platform where users may type in program scripts for their mod file. In addition to these, AMX Mod X supports program scripts that can log events, get network messages, note commands, change entities, set cvars, , and create scripting modules.

AMX Mod X includes a wide variety of functions that allows users to create game mods from scratch, and test and debug these created mods. These functions include server administration tools, such as slot reservation, kicking/banning, text file support, voting, game flood protection, management commands, and statistics view. AMX Mod X also includes a built-in script library, which allows players to copy program scripts derived from the game’s original engine. In addition to these, AMX Mod X also supports regular expressions, menu creation, and debugging.