AMUST Disk Cleaner

AMUST Software (Freeware)

AMUST Disk Cleaner is a tool that cleans the system in order to make the system run better. It is capable of removing junk files in the computer in order to make space for other items. Furthermore, the program is simple and easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy. The program has a simple user interface that is similar to Windows Explorer. The left panel on the main window consists of system information, such as the used disk space, free space available, and the number of items. When an item is selected, information is also displayed under the “Folder” category. The icons in the folder can be arranged according to item, size, or name.

All the drives that can be accessed on the computer are displayed on the upper part of the window. Users can select a drive to see all its contents on the main area. The program works by identifying all the folders that take up the most space in the system. Once the results are displayed, the user can then remove unneeded files to make space for other files. The application makes use of IDA or Instant Disk Access, which makes scanning of hard drives, files, and folders quicker.