aMSN 0.98.9

aMSN Development Team (Freeware)

aMSN is a multiplatform instant messaging client developed by aMSN Development Team. It was initially released on May 22, 2002. This program is particularly a clone for the Windows Live Messenger program. It works by emulating the appearance and feel of the Windows Live Messenger client. The application works on any system that supports Tcl/Tk 8.5 or higher. A portable version of aMSN is also available for Windows platform.

Working as a clone for MSN, this instant messaging client offers most of the features available in MSN. It can be used for sending instant messages using MSN accounts. It also has the ability to open more than one MSN account at once. Basic instant messaging features such as offline messaging, chat logs, custom emoticons/winks, avatars and others are available as well. The application can also perform file transfers, video conferencing, video calls, and games. The file transfer feature offers an option to auto-close the window after the transfer is done. It also has group features, which can be used to perform certain group-related tasks such as grouping contacts and grouping of windows. aMSN’s interface is customizable as well. The skins of the chat windows can be changed as well as its size. Status messages are also offered allowing users to change their status and add a custom status message.

Other features available in aMSN include:
• Event alarms
• Adding notes for each user
• Time-stamping
• Statistics for history and more…