AMSD EasyTalk 2.2 RC

AMSD (Shareware)

AMSD EasyTalk 2.2 RC is a communications application that functions as a Voice over IP or VoIP client, which enables users to have a voice conversation through an Internet connection. It is primarily used in Russia, and enables voice calls to be made between two LAN users, two Internet users, and also between a network user and a regular phone subscriber. It can be integrated into another communications program and can also be used as a standalone application.

There are three types of conversation directions that this application can handle: computer to computer via a direct network connection; computer to phone via the TalkServer gateway; and phone to computer. All users of the application can register in the program’s switchboard directory.

AMSD EasyTalk makes use of AMSD EasyChannel, a voice transmission protocol. With this feature, the voice transmission quality is improved, resulting in clear, static-free calls. This feature automatically tunes the program to fit the actual characteristics of the device or communication channel used for making or taking calls.

This application comes with a playback volume adjustment as well as a built-in recording feature, so that users can keep a record of important conversations for notes, transcribing, and reference. It also keeps a log of all calls made and received.