AMS Photo Effects 2

AMS Software (Shareware)

AMS Photo Effects is a photo-processing program created by AMS Software. The program uses filters to transform images. The functions in the program include basic and advanced types. The basic editing functions include resizing, color contrasts, and brightness adjustments. The advanced features allow the addition of effects and decoration on the images. Aside from that, the program allows changing of the composition of the image.

The software offers 50 effects that the user can experiment with. The effects are the combination of traditional and modern filters. The program allows changing of colors and lighting. Artistic additions and distortions can also be used. The decoration feature provides 100 options for masks and frames. The decorations include Classic and Relief options. The composition feature allows positioning of images into pages. The user has the option to combine two or more features in one work. The user can add angled perspectives into the picture to produce a 3D effect. The Effects Feature provides the option to add glowing light or shadows into the image. Images can be transformed fully or sparingly. Images man be edited with one or two filters. The user can also combine all effects to complete transformations.

The program also makes use of templates. There is also an option to add landscapes in the background.  Once the work is done, the user can click on the preview button to see changes which have been done.