AmpliTube Fender

IK Multimedia (Proprietary)

AmpliTube Fender is a music application which is a combination of a guitar and bass amplifier and FX software suite. It includes pieces of assorted gear (15) from the classic all the way to the new Fender amps, stomp boxes, cabinets, and rack effects. The program package includes the AmpliTube X-GEAR. This is the expandable guitar and bass amp. The others include the FX system, Riffworks, (the famous T4 recording software) and AmpliTube LE. With support by a leading DSP engine, the program’s interface displays a replica that includes amps, effects, and other controls for the user.

The AmpliTube Fender interface features five screens that are displayed by control buttons: the Tuner, the Stomp module for selection and control of effects, the Amp module for choosing the amp model with its accompanying specific amp controls, the Cab module for choosing the cab and microphone model, and the Rack module used for selecting numerous studio rack effects. On top of the interface is the Preset Manager where the user chooses some preset configurations (supplied by a pop-up menu) or configurations that are created by users. The integrated SpeedTrainer is also available for loading audio files to play along with by dragging any WAV or MP3 from the hard disk or iTunes files to set into loop. The user can then configure pitch and speed controls, including a metronome for learning purposes.