AmpliTube 3

IK Multimedia (Shareware)

AmpliTube 3 is a Bass and Guitar tone creation application developed by IK Multimedia. It is used to create both bass and guitar tones using a computer. The program offers a wide selection of gears (160 available individual gears). Adding more packages to the mix such as AmpliTube Slash, AmpliTube Fender or Ampeg SVX is also possible. It also features Sonic Accuracy that provides realistic sounds. There is also the Custom Shop feature, which is used for adding more gears to the virtual collection one at a time.

AmpliTube 3 features Preset Switching, which means the program can be used as a multi-effects processor that can be integrated to a live rig. The program can also be used as plug-in for DAW for re-amping/live tracking of bass and guitar tracks. To use the program as a bass/guitar tone machine, the guitar must be connected to a computer, which can be done using an “audio interface”. Once the guitar is connected, it provides exact signal chain used in a live and/or in a studio setting. The program also offers eight different parallel/series “routing” options that provides signal chain control. This allows configuration of tones. The application also features a detailed microphone, room module and cabinet used for recreating a virtual recording space. The program also has a built-in preset browser used for saving, organizing and recalling AmpliTube chain.