AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.50

AmoK (Freeware)

AmoK DVD Shrinker is a utility that compresses DVD files by eighty percent without reducing quality. The smaller file size allows the files to be burned on a disc with a smaller capacity; for example, a 2.5 or 4.7 DVD-R. All of the DVD’s aspects such as its audio tracks, menus, subtitles, and extra features are all preserved. Users may also choose to copy only the main title or video file.

The program’s user interface is simple but complete. To start compressing, users will only need to make 4 decisions:

• The desired size of the output: a normal DVD has 4.7 Gb in storage size
• The content: users can choose to compress the whole DVD or just the main movie
• The language tracks: all of the different language tracks may be included; users can also choose to include just one audio track
• The compression preference: users can choose between prioritizing quality over speed and vice versa using an adjustable five-point scale.

This tool makes use of an open-source DLL that combines speed and quality in coming up with output files. It can compress a 6-gigabyte DVD into 4.7 Gb in a matter of 20 minutes, favoring quality over speed. This program supports most DVD formats including Machinist2.dll files. After the compression process, the utility can create an ISO image ready for DVD burning through the user’s standalone burner.