Koingo Software (Shareware)

Amnesia is an application that allows users to completely remove applications from Mac computers. When uninstalling programs from Mac computers, users just need to drag the icon of the application and drop it to the trash. This does not remove all the files and folders installed in the system by the program. Users need to remove the files manually in order to free up some disk space. Amnesia is capable of removing all these unneeded files with just a few steps.

Amnesia is not only able to remove programs, but also other installed utilities, such as widgets, preference windows, caches, and all the files associated with a certain program. The software comes with a built-in backup tool that allows users to create an archive of files to be deleted. This can come handy when programs or files are accidentally deleted from the computer. In addition, the program has an Untouchables feature, which prevents specific applications from being uninstalled in the computer. The tool warns the user if there is an attempt to uninstall the program.

Here are other features of the Amnesia application:
• Calculate disk space a program is using
• Scans related files in several locations
• Keeps a log of all the files removed