Aml Maple 3.31

G&G Software, Moscow State University (Shareware)

Aml Maple is an application that is used to determine the text language of the current text format. Users should configure the program by setting up the color and assigning a corresponding language. Users
can determine the type of language by looking at the cursor. The cursor changes from time to time to display the current text lay out. The cursor also transforms into flags to represent the type of language. For example, the cursor will transform into symbols like EN, FR, and CH, which corresponds to English, French, and Chinese. Another form to determine the language format is by using the mouse pointer as the indicator. The mouse pointer displays the country flag or language name after the word .The application supports 30 types of language lay outs and 4 kinds of language interface . With this feature, users would have wider scope in determining the type of language. To open the program, simply click the shortcut icon located at the desktop menu. Users can customize the key functions by changing the shortcut keys and mouse cursor.

The software is a freeware, which enables users to enjoy full access of the product without limitations. Users are free from signing-up trial versions, paying fees or joining membership clubs.