AmiBroker for Win32 5.60 (Proprietary)

AmiBroker for Win32 is a stock charting program developed by AmiBroker. It is a program available for people challenging the stock market for business purposes. This application functions as a platform designed for system design, testing, and validation needed for financial analyses and decisions in venturing the field. Its back-testing features allow users to create dynamic portfolio-level sizing and true testing in preparation for trading.

Creating portfolios for back-testing will also be optimized with ease to generate objective functions as designed by users. It guarantees speedy performance to ensure data is ready for validation. Optimization speed remains consistent even in covering 10-year EODs or more than 100 symbols used for trades.

Charting data can also be customized according to user-defined settings with its drawing tools. It also applies Fibonacci timezones and time extensions and other necessary charts for easy to read data compilation. Chart interpretations are also simpler with the availability of automatically generated descriptions according to assigned chart indicators. Real-time data support lets users connect with essential broking vendors like eSignal, Interactive Brokers, and many more. Users can open as many windows as they want and still get real-time signals necessary for trading.

AmiBroker for Win32 also has simple programming features, allowing even non-technical people to design charts and generate back-testing data. Formulas can be dragged and dropped on the platform for charting, making data completion as fast and as easy as possible.