Amerzone - Part 3

Microids (Proprietary)

Amerzone - Part 3 is an adventure game developed by Microids. It is a first person video game involving a journalist that aims to save a rare species of birds that are thought to be magical. Fifty years before, another young journalist called Alexandre Valembois takes on the challenge of the Amerzone region with his friend Antonio Alvarez as his travel companion. While he was staying in the region with the natives, he witnessed a magical ritual involving the magical birds. He stole one of its eggs and brought it to civilization. However, the people in the city and the rest of the world fail to believe him.  An old man now, Alexandre entrusts the egg to another young explorer.

The goal of the young explorer is to return the magical egg to the natives of the Amerzone region. However, the problem lies on the location of Amerzone. Alexandre was not able to tell the explorer where the magical region is located. Thus, the protagonist has to explore the globe to locate the Amerzone region and return the egg.

Amerzone - Part 3, as the name suggests, is the third of the Amerzone game series. The first game was released on October 1999. The game was released in several platforms including PC and PlayStation. The game admits of a single player game mode only.