Amelie's Cafe - Summer Time

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Amelie’s Café is a business simulation/time management game set in a tropical island resort. Players take the role of Amelie. Amelie is the ambitious owner of a new café on the island with dreams of making her café the premiere hang out spot in town. However, Amelie faces a few challenges. Her building is dilapidated and old, it’s dirty and out of shape. Players must work hard to clean up the building, attract customers, make money and, most importantly, make Amelie’s dreams of owning the best café on the island a reality.

Amelie moved to the island after she successfully revived her grandfather’s old café, restoring it to its former glory. Now she tackles the tropics with the dreams of sun-drenched days, cool relaxing nights and owning the best beachfront café on the island. The game employs the traditional format of time management games. A customer enters, Amelie and her staff take their order and rush to serve it to the customer. Along the way, the player can purchase upgrades to the café add more staff and expand space to accommodate more customers. Successfully doing this before customers get angry and impatient earns Amelie money and points to proceed to the next level. There are 50 levels to the game all in all and every single one of them has challenges for the player to play through in order to finish the game and give Amelie the beachside café of her dreams.