Amelie's Cafe

Alawar Entertainment (Shareware)

Amelie's Cafe is a time-management restaurant simulation game developed by Alawar Entertainment and released on March 2009. It features the adventure of Amelie, granddaughter of the owner of the café who went for a vacation and left her in charge. Like other restaurant simulation games, Amelie should be able to serve all customer orders as per their preferences and reach the profit quota for the day. Amelie's Cafe is available on career mode and survival mode. Career mode features 50 levels. Survival mode is like career mode, but with a time constraint. It features three café interiors and several cooks and customer types.

Amelie's Cafe game screen features the café interior. Tables are scattered across the whole interior.  A clock timer is visible on the upper left portion of the screen with the Café type and the current Day shown. This is particularly useful in the Survival mode. The current goal for the day is shown on the upper right portion, as well as the current sales. The table counter shows the line of customers waiting to be served. Each waiting customer has a hovering status indicator of their patience in the line. Customers that are seated and served show hovering temperature readings above their heads to indicate their patience status. Green means they are still patient but red means they should be served first or else they’ll walk out without paying.