AMD OverDrive™ Utility 4.2.3

AMD (Freeware)

The AMD OverDrive Utility program allows users to tweak system parameters to improve performance and maintain system stability. It is designed for novice and expert computer users. The program makes use of advanced real-time overclocking technology that enables users to have full control of the memory, chipset, and processor of the computer. The program has Memory Profiles that are pre-tuned for overclocking the memory and increasing system performance. There is also an option to manually set the optimization level during system boot-up. AMD OverDrive Utility also has Smart Profiles. This can be used for tuning the performance based on the programs that are frequently used on the computer. This, too, can be set based on pre-set profiles or customized profiles.

More experienced users can use the program to automatically tune the computer with the wide array of options available. Overclocking options are displayed with sliders for easier management. There is also a single-click tuning option for beginners. The software has an integrated monitoring system for viewing all computer performance settings including voltage, and clock memory.

Other features of the AMD OverDrive Utility software are the following:
• Advanced stability testing
• Enhanced support for PC monitoring
• Multi-thread CPU tests
• Automatic system tuning
• Modification impact testing