AMD Fusion for Gaming

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (Freeware)

AMD Fusion for Gaming is a system utility built to shut down or stop certain background and gaming processes to reduce the CPU load. This then increases the size of RAM available for other resources and applications. The utility also enhances processor performance with its AMD Boost mode. Furthermore, it has the capacity to restore the system's settings to its initial start-up configuration whenever necessary. AMD Fusion for Gaming's primary purpose is to eliminate the extra operations and processes in the CPU to give way to the processes advanced computer games demand. This is to ensure that gaming quality is not compromised while maintaining the PC’s system optimization.

AMD Fusion for Gaming requires the installation of integrated applications such as AMD OverDrive and ATI Catalyst for it to simultaneously activate all services, programs, applications, and operations. Additionally, it is equipped with predetermined profiles that automatically designate activation and deactivation commands for all programs installed. When a certain profile is selected, a significant amount of RAM and CPU processes are reduced because of the deactivated background and the otherwise running applications. When certain programs take some time to respond, they are shut down quickly through the utility's strict "kill operation" command.