amBX Control Panel

amBX UK Ltd (Proprietary)

amBX Control Panel is program that is designed to give the user the opportunity to control amBX products based on personal preferences. amBX Control Panel is a utility created by amBX UK Ltd. This tool allows for real world effects. For example, with this utility, the following parameters may be manipulated: airflow, rumble, color, and light.

The company that created amBX Control Panel also known as Ambient Experiences (amBX) is involved in technology licensing. This utility can be used to assign specific settings for amBX products. amBX Control Panel can be configured and features can be added to the amBX software install. More and more panels become available and they are all customizable. amBX Control Panel gives the user the opportunity to have an experience that is relevant to them and in-tune with their preferences. amBX Control Panel is easy to use. It can be launched from an amBX notification icon, from the Windows Control Panel, or from the Start Menu. From there, its different functionalities can be utilized.

In order to update the amBX Control Panel utility, users can go for the built-in update function that goes with the program. New features can also be downloaded from the homepage. Once installed, amBX will check the website automatically for updates. These updates may also be launched manually.