Amazon Kindle For PC (Freeware)

Amazon Kindle for PC is a program that allows Kindle users to read Kindle books on their computers. Users must have a Kindle or Amazon account in order to use the program. The program works much like the Kindle, but with a simplified interface. Amazon Kindle for PC comes has a built-in Whispersync technology that automatically synchronizes all the books stored in the Kindle to computer. Users without the Kindle device can also use the application.

The program also has a built-in dictionary, which is handy for looking up words. It also features a search function that allows users to search for topics, names of characters, or sections of the book that they want to revisit. The application also serves as an organizer for e-books. Users can easily look up facts on a book that they are reading. Descriptions for books, characters, locations, quotes, and themes are available from the Shelfari encyclopedia.

Amazon Kindle for PC can be personalized. The brightness can be adjusted, as well as the reading mode. The background color can be changed, too. Users can also take notes, highlight book passages, and add bookmarks to Kindle books.

Here are other features of the software:
• Buy once, read everywhere
• Shop on Kindle store for more than a million books
• Preview a chapter of the book before buying