AmazingMIDI 1.7

arakisoftware (Freeware)

Amazing MIDI is a music utility that transcribes music automatically and converts WAV files into MIDI files. This application is also used to create MIDI files from scratch. This utility can recognize and convert both single-instrument and polyphonic music. A MIDI file is a sequence of musical notes. By converting songs into MIDI format, the user will be able to hear and transcribe the notes without the vocals clearly. This tool is used for taking down the notes of musical pieces and for analyzing chords.

To begin creating MIDI tunes, the user must first specify the Input File in WAV format.  This file would contain the musical data. The user also selects a Tone File, which would contain the monotone data. Users can also specify where the output file will be saved. The application will then analyze the input file and assume that each sound in the WAV file is played using the same tone as the tone file. Next, it will detect and take all of the chords, even if these were made my several instruments, into one unifying sound. The multiple sounds will be interpreted as one instrument during playback. The output file is played and saved in MIDI format. This application works best with WAV files with the precise-frequency sounds of the piano or the guitar.