Amazing Pyramids 1.02

WST (Shareware)

Amazing Pyramids is word puzzle computer game in which players need to form words out of the letters on displayed on the game screen. The game was first released in 2012. Players must help a few scientists get to the secrets of an ancient city in Egypt. Players can visit four different locations. Each location has 12 levels to finish and players must beat the level in order to get to the next and progress through the storyline. Aside from the main word puzzle game, players also get to play other mini games.

Players can solve words by assessing the letters available and clicking the letters with their mouse to form words on the game board. There is also a blue timer that signifies the player’s energy. The game’s dictionary consists of more than 18,000 words, so players can form countless words.

Other features of the Amazing Pyramids game are the following:

• Game offers two game modes – classic and adventure
• Original Egyptian sound effects and music
• Players can compare their scores against other players around the world on the high scores table
• Earn level bonuses to help get through to the next round
• Original gameplay that allows players to form short and long words based on the game board