Amazing Photo Editor 7.9.2

Silver Eagle Software, Inc. (Shareware)

The Amazing Photo Editor is an application that serves to provide users with a comprehensive image editing platform. It was developed and released by Silver Eagle Software and is an easy to use editing software that is suited even for beginners. The interface is comprehensive and reliable, yet somewhat basic making it easy to manipulate. On one side of the screen are the different editing tools available for usage and on the other side are available effects that can be applied to the workable image. There are 33 usable effects when it comes to this application.

When it comes to the Amazing Photo Editor, aside from serving as an overall editing program, it can also be used as a direct image viewer because of its built-in viewing application. Program users can also benefit from the conversion features that the Amazing Photo Editor application comes with. In this case, images that have been saved in a different format can easily be converted into images of other formats depending on what the user requires.

Unlike other editing software, the Amazing Photo Editor offers simultaneous editing which means that more than one image can be worked on at any particular time without causing the application to slow down offering program users with a highly efficient editing platform.